Saturday 3rd Sep - Support Oli @ Brands Hatch

This Saturday, LB member Oli Twisted is racing at Brands Hatch, in the BMCRC championship. He’s broken his hand just over two weeks ago and needs our support! He’s currently tenth in the championship and is hoping to retain, or improve upon this for this round. Come along on Saturday morning to show your support for LB racers.

Also attending is LB’s Chuffster, who’s doing team support work for another racer, so there’ll be him, Cezar, Tasha and me there, plus anyone else that decides they want a nice day out at Brands, wandering around the paddock, watching the racing, checking out the minimoto circuit at Adrenalin X, and otherwise soaking up the atmosphere!

So who’s up for it?

More information at:

Ill be racing too,Michael Allen # 59 in Forza Extreme on a ZX10R

Jay, Whats your surname?

Adair, Gobsh1te. Good to hear you’ll be there, looks like we’ve got a nice tour to go on and support all the guys. Look forward to seeing you!

Wow! Great day out! Pictures to come real soon. Lot’s of ups and down, our thoughts go to Oli who was unfortunate enough to be involved in a particulary nasty crash after coming round Druids, only to find another bike laying in the middle of the tarmac, hitting it head on, causing Oli to go flying over the bars.

I don’t know how, but Oli escaped serious injury. His bike wasn’t so fortunate, and will need quite a bit of work by the look of it! More information to come soon. Great to see Gob****e and chuffster as well!

It was a great weekends club racing. Congrats to Oli for surviving and even better, managing to blag a bike from someone else for Sunday. Wait till you see the pictures of him crashing, cant believe he got away unscathed. Congrats to Mark (gob****e), strirling performance on the ZX10 again.

Hey, Chuffster Sorry I missed you there somehow… and left without say goodye

I thought we would meet later on for a chat but we left quite early adfter the races finish… Never mind , Next time mate

No worries Cezar. Was good to see you down there anyway. We were off and partying once the racing finished. The beer was flowing nicely and the Bar B we had was great. No doubt we will catch up soon, should have some free time now race season is over.

Yesterday was actually quite funny, there were loads of people doing ceremonial burnouts in the paddock area. Amazing scenes out there.

CAN IMAGINE! VERY NICE DAY! Better keep it in the memory mate as the weather may change very soon! lol