Saturday 29-06-2019 - Leicestershire Lollapalooza

Meeting at Dunstable downs at 10:30 (same car park ride4fun used, just north of the actual visitor center,,-0.536825&daddr=&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=19&sll=51.867452,-0.536951&sspn=0.001183,0.00235&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=19 )

Arrive with full tanks please, I’ll actually plan in fuel/rest breaks this time, mileage around the 200mile mark. Lunch near a steam train (and still next to the bike too), cake somewhere tasty on the way back.

you seem to plan these every time i’m not around! I’m starting to suspect you have access to my diary…

There might be another next Saturday too, but with more cake and an earlier finish (it’s my birthday the day before, gotta celebrate somehow)

Mmm hornets got oil getting into coolant,got bike in pieces waiting for new gasket set for oil cooler,if this fixes my problem I should be in.will confirm as soon as parts arrive and fitted.

I need to sort some tyres out first, but I’ll be there unless I cock that up.

What’s your lunch spot? (,-1.190276,15.9z/data=!4m8!3m7!1s0x4879de2b13d95ce3:0x153df995684258b8!5m2!4m1!1i2!8m2!3d52.7414363!4d-1.1864081)?

Rothley station on the great Central railway, though this may be changed to a cake stop, as it sounds like it’s a small menu

Ah yes, The inlaws live just down the road.

Lunch is actually pretty good at The Manor which is just across the road from the Quorn station on the same heritage line, or The Pumping Station just round by Cropston Reservoir.

If you want any local knowledge, feel free to shout.

Cheers, I will do. the plan is to follow a route I made to visit the gf when she lived in Nottingham.

I’m away sadly. The last Boris jaunt was excellent so sorry to miss this. And I’ve got summer gloves now. Maybe next time.

Can’t join you but you could always take the fosse way up to Hinckley.

The downside is that you end up in Hinckley

Fucking hell road tyres are expensive.

I’m in and less scared in corners and the wet :slight_smile:

Ahh bugger a route near me, but I’m picking up the bike on Sat…pooey

Hope there will be another one that way soon.

Ah where abouts are you based?

Im Northampton now, used to be Milton Keynes, handy for the Dunstable downs start point!

Northampton isn’t too much further

Parts turning up in one hour ,will confirm later if problem fixed👍

Ok I’m in if anyone leaving from Edgware area or want to meet dome roundabout Watford let me know,if not see you at Dunstable

Awesome, see you tomorrow, I’m going from at albans so already mostly there