Saturday 23rd April

ill be there £10 per rider is a good idea

I will be here for this

Chunky’s 3 day rule may even be revoked on this special occasion:(

Details will follow in the rideout section in the next few days that will be pinned by shane I will stick a link in this thread when its done…

Thanks for your interest People, we will make him proud!

I’ll be there.

its ok uncle I’ve ordered sunshine for the day

I am off so will be there also x

I will be there, hopefully on my own bike and with my sidekick on the back if her bike is not back on the road by then.

I’m sure the baby and I will meet you at your destination.


Were probably going by car too :smiley:

I’m in, it’s the least I could do to honour his memory. :crying:

i`ll be there also:)

Edited - argh just realised that clashes with a holiday. Will try and make it, if not will contribute anyway and be thinking of you all and Guy on the day. Edited again - yep, I’ll be there

I’m in

im in :slight_smile:

I’m in


Same here… For those of us who might not make it, might be worth having a collection at BMM the Weds before?

I would love to join this ride out, if you’ll have me.

I think the idea would be for me to go pillion with Kevsta - which wouldn’t be quite such a white-knuckle ride for me as it used to be when I went pillion with Guy!!! :w00t:

i’d love to be there, but with the baby due a week before i doubt ill be able to :ermm: