Saturday 23rd April

smiled and I will be using this years St Georges day Rideout as a homage to our late friend Guy Cooper. As this day in 2006 was the day we both met him after organising the first st Georges day ride together through the LB private message system … all details will follow shortly


cheers Flats…;).


I will do my darndest to attend, and sounds perfectly appropriate. Thank you for organising.

I tried to join last year’s ride after a friend recommended - my first encounter with LB & Puppy.

In my enthusiasm I told a few others too. I think I assumed his ride was on the scale of an Ace London-to-Brighton, and Puppy thought I was trying to swamp the ride with dozens of unknown bikers from another group. Was a pleasure to finally meet Puppy at a later ride and laugh about the misunderstanding.

Nice one Flats will try to make this one,

I’ll get my leave in!

Here’s a link to the pics from 06, Guy is the man with the orange hi-vis on, RIP fella

Well be there.We did it twice last year, once on the day and also the day before when we were checking out the meeting point only to bump into Guy about to check out the route, so we rode it together, the three of us had a cracking day out, well never forget it.

I’m there so count me in.

Are there any bike size restrictions or anything as UK on a 500.

We will be there!

am there …

I’m there.

How about a £10 minimum donation to go to his family??

count me in…

im there

I’m there

I will be there

I’m in:)

Me and Lew will do our best to meet you guys at stopping point… but we’d be in a car due to ‘bump’ . Would like to attend though :slight_smile:

A collection, whether for the family, or their preferred charity - I am well up for donating to.

I hope Ang might take over that responsibility of organising and do a top job as ever?

see you there

Im definatly in!

any chance a mod could PIN this in rideout section so it doesn’t get lost among other posts ?