Saturday 22nd October Rideout [11am] from BoxHill to Bognor Reigess for ice cream

Hi guys and girls, sorry I’ve been so quiet recently about rideouts but been hectic at work and am doing IAM runs at the moment as well so time is scarce.

Anyways, this Saturday (22nd) looks like it’s gonna be half decent, although a little chilly (8 degrees C). As long as its dry we should be fine though since leaves on the roads shouldn’t be too wet/ slippery and damp patches of tarmac should be scarce, hopefully…

I have done this run twice [on my own first time and got a bit lost, but know the way now ] and it was great, especially on the way home. The best place to start from is BoxHill. We will come back that way but via a different route - through the forest.

I will post more details on the route once I have me map in front of me but wanted an idea of who was up for a blast this Saturday. Other rules are you gotta be ready to roll at 1100h sharp and must have tanked up with fuel before we meet

The other rule and most important rule is to keep it safe. 3 seconds reaction/ braking distance if single file, 2 seconds if staggered formation. Overtakes encouraged, but only where safe to do so.

Bognor Reigess is on the south coast so it is usually feckin freezing, but it serves good ice cream. There is a cute lass at the ice cream place too so that is cool as well.

Right, lets be havin some names:

  1. GreatScott


and hope to see you all on Saturday.

Oh, bugger Bognor!

Way too far for me to do a rideout to on my scoot. I think I’ll do a few shorter ones first before attempting anything this far.

Have fun anyway, looks good!

You need to get a proper machine in that case What say you a nice little Suzuki GS500F or a Kawasaki GPZ 500?

Well, if I can get a lift to the NEC, I’m hoping to get one of those free geared bike lessons to see what the big deal is, or if, indeed, there is one!

Then, once I get a job (between jobs now for three months!), I can splash out on a geared bike to do some rideouts. I’d like to check out the surroundings a bit more, head out to places like Bath and Cirencester (Fishbourne Palace), but I just can’t be bothered to take the overpriced and underreliable trains, so I’m stuck in London. It’d have to be the Ducati Monster 620, though. Have sat on it at the dealers and the position feels really good, as I’m short and a scooterist.

as for the duke monster… try the augusta mv brutale if u like that style of bike…

much nice and definitely the cooler of the two…

Bit of a price difference, though But I agree, the MV is the superior bike by far.

Does look nice, but 910cc! I haven’t ever ridden anything bigger than 150cc, and even that was a scooter, so I’ve never ridden anything with gears, so I think 620cc might be OK for first bike, not 910cc.

Normally I would be out for a blast anytime, anywhere. However, I have work on Saturday god damn it!


rideout cancelled due to no takers

Soz dude, moving flats and checkin on brother’s new first 'ped in Halifax!

620 is a good town bike, no turning circle though.

Just down the road from you so will take you for a blat if you want.