Saturday 1st May Mega Demo

Hi People

This is for those who support the NoToBikeParkingTax Campaign, we really need to show some unity and force with this one! If any of you have been on the protests before this one you cannot miss!

Meet at Ace Cafe for 10.30am departure - ride-out to Park Lane Underground Car Park for 11.30am departure - ride-out via Lancaster Gate to Eastbourne Terrace

As those of you who joined us on our largest demo last March where we attended a WCC Scrutiny Committee meeting, at which over 4,000 bikers amassed outside, the WCC Councillors showed their utter contempt for anyone that opposes them by making it clearly known that they can do as they please. People like us get to decide at local elections only.

The local elections are now here, and we intend to fully ram home those sentiments by exploiting the ignorance shown by the public toward voting for an individual, choosing rather to vote for the political party that candidate claims to represent.

On May 1st, from the Ace Cafe, we will descend on the electoral ward of the Council Leader, Tory-party candidate Colin Barrow with a simple message that we hope to pin on every tree, lamp-post, car-windscreen and through every letterbox:
Voting Tory? these are the only names you need" after which will be the other 2 Tory Candidate names. On the reverse of the leaflet will be an explanation as to why they should NOT vote for Colin Barrow.*

Every politico we have spoken to has confirmed that, for any candidate, it is bad enough to be slated by opposing candidate who are trying to get elected ahead of you. But to be directly slated by others who are NOT standing would be devastating

So, for those of you who can’t for logistical reasons attend our Wednesday Morning demos, and are itching to get back on either a weekend or evening demo, then this is for you, and if you really want to put the final nails in the coffin of this vile tax, then you simply must help us ensure that, as a group, bikers can combine, when attacked, to oust those pretenders who think that the position of being able to decide our way of life is a privilege and not a right.

And what better “pretender” to attack than Council Leader Colin Barrow.

Should any of you feel any compassion for this rogue, you may like to know that multi-millionaire hedge fund manager Colin had no qualms in bankrupting one of his hedge fund companies called Eiger Capital owing Westminster Council (which he leads) a staggering £20k of unpaid business rates, the tab for which is being picked up…guess who? Worry not for poor Colin though, of course he had another hedge fund company called Alpha Strategic with his partner, Kit Malthouse who chairs the Met Police Association in his spare time!!

If you can’t make it, you still can be of great assistance by promoting this event on all the other motorcycling forums that so many of you frequent. Be it your local club forum, or general biking forums, or even one of the many run by the online magazines, please make sure that you, and thus others are talking about May 1st.

For a download of the fliers we want to drop anywhere you can in this electoral ward, or for full details, please visit the website -


oh and I thought you guys might want to watch this, this is the leader of Westminster City Council who is up for re-election and his ward is the one we shall be leafleting on Sat! These people disgust me! :angry:

Sat is looking a bit naff for weather, but if it clears up a bit I will try and come along for this, I don’t currently park in Westminster but I have in the past and i expect to again in the future.

Mike and I will be there rain or not. The parking tax will spread like a horrible disease if it isn’t stopped.

Nice one lads! :wink:

I don’t have one of the hi-ves jackets but still intend on coming along on saturday if that’s alright?

dont fcking think so.
you lost me a days work on wednesday so paying £3.50 a week or £1 a day is nothing to losing work you w

no need for a hi viz jacket, just come along for the ride, the more the merrier! :wink:

I dont see how we lost you a days work, everyone knows that we hit Westminster Every Wed Morning… Just plan your route around it… also if this spreads you will be loosing a lot more a year in parking charges than just a days wages… :doze:

My mate is getting married on Saturday and it looks like the whole wedding party will now have to find alternative routes assuming we can even get through the grid locked trafffic.

Not happy seeing as we all live in Westminster and park there everyday !

You really should watch when you call people W *****s , especially bikers

What are you going to do about it ? Eh ? :rolleyes:

Why don’t you just take your argument up with WCC and leave decent people alone to get on with their work, you’re just causing bikers to be despised even more than we already are by some motorists, all for the sake of a political argument with some Conservatives. It’s not about the parking charge . . .

have you checked our route for Sat? we are only targeting a very specific part of westminster and I dont think we will be able to leaflet people on our bikes… bit hard to mount the kerb and ride up peoples steps…

Also there are quite a few protests and demonstrations going on in Westminster on Sat… we arent the only unhappy people in london…

Citation needed. How did that happen? Maybe you were in a bendy bus that got stuck on Trafalgar Square. Perhaps you were in a taxi on the Strand. Because if you’d been on two wheels, the Trafalgar Sq breakfast club wouldn’t have made any difference to you at all.

Trafalgar Sq is going to be blocked between 8am and 9am on Wed for the forseeable future. So route round it.

As for Sat, the demo went off without a hitch with Police outriders and minimal disruption to everyone else. There was a wedding on Euston road and we had the whole wedding party waving to us from the steps. Trying to get to Trafalgar Sq afterwards was completely impossible though with all access routes blocked off and complete chaos over the whole west end due to 3 other demos happening.

Yawn, here we go again zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz






why go on a thread marked Saturday 1st May Mega Demo and do that ?

if its so boring then no need to waste time going to it ??

one of your reps turned up at hastings telling me its going to cost us £8 a day everywhere in the uk even outside your own house.

is this true? I dont believe a word of it as this doesnt happen to cars so feel free to slap this guy and talk some sense please.

i have a bike so what does that make me more to the point who the f k are you c t? some westmister w k er?

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