Saturday 19th March - Fuel Saving Recovery Ride


Okay so as suggested I’m planning a ride for next weekend.

For many of you who know, I broke my leg on the same day as the last proper rideout I went on (not ON the rideout though!), and next Tuesday hopefully the Doc will confirm a full recovery. SO to celebrate, I’m up for a nice ride through the depths of Surrey.

I’m also aware many of you will have done around 300 miles with the Jetstreams today… and spent a lot of money due to the rising petrol costs. As expressed, I too am on a budget, so this might appeal to some of us that don’t want to go much over 100 miles.

The total route is around 80 miles, so shouldn’t cost too much more than a tenner for most… It’s also MotoGP weekend - of course this doesn’t affect Jetstream (“what’s a Moto GP?”) - but many of us will be wanting to keep up with it. SO, it will not take TOO much of your Saturday up, either…

Departing Box Hill (Rykas) at 11.45 (arrive at or before 11.30 please! Don’t want to hang about!) the route will make use of some scenic A roads, B roads, and a small section of (nice) dual carriageway where we can open the throttle a little.

Weather looks fine - but is 6 days too early to know for definite - though provisionally if you don’t like being cold you might have to man-up a tad.

125’s are fine, just as long as you’re not SLOW! L-plates are also acceptable, though not if your very inexperienced (some semi-challenging roads on route).

Pace is medium to fast (in places where doing so is SAFE) so please no country lane racers, or no snails… :smiley:

Cornerman system hopefully in place. I’m informed that the resident LB tailgunner Ally is otherwise occupied on this day, so any volunteers for this will be hugely appreciated. If you’re not familiar with cornerman, we’ll explain before the ride, but please look here:

Hope to see some new people (noooobs) there, I’ll be down BM on wednesday if anyone wants to meet me first :smiley: (I’m the one with the fekkin’ limp!)

OH, and for those who care:

Hope to see as many of you down there as possible!


BUMP (sorry)

No takers yet? If not I’d rather just cancel up and go on Tim’s Sunday…

So if you’ve seen it and are considering please let me know :slight_smile:

I think you should come to brighton :smiley:

Chris mate, come to Tim’s, will be fun :w00t:

I knowwwwwwww it looks tempting.

I posted this and THEN saw Tim’s.

But if I cancel this Tim and Jets have to promise to help get this rideout on the way another weekend… because it’s really a killer route…


Chris :slight_smile:

congrats on a semi-full, unfortunate, unecessary recovery :w00t: i will b snowboarding come this w/e so if u/jets/tim reschedule, i will make it my priority to help you celebrate! tho… only 80 miles? what am i suppose to do after the half hr is up? :laugh:

jokes aside, if i spot u a tank as my congratulatory gift, wld u reconsider? :wink:

k, have a great week-end! catch u all in a couple of weeks.

Out of interest what bike have you got now?

Is your middle name really Dino?

Cangrats on the quick recovery

Ninja 250, Alex.

Yes my middle name is Dino. Pronounce Dee-no. not Die-no (like dino-saur!)

if u still want to do this ride i would be up for it and quit a few of my friends would (i think) :smiley:
ill talk to u at BM on Wednesday…
btw i am slow 125 rider with an L plate :D:D:D:D

Yeah we spoke about it last night.

Well if we get 5 people together we’ll do it okay? Promise :slight_smile:

So GET INVOLVED PEOPLE! I’m selling something on Gumtree, so MIGHT be able to afford to lead this AND Tim’s :smiley: !!!

dude, i’d love to come out saturday should be a fine day, not sure still what would be the pace/route/bike size on this ride, but if i find myself out of place i’ll let you know in good time :smiley:

Not overly fast.

I know we have one 125 (Aprilia RS) on the cards, but it’s unrestricted so is at 33bhp and will go fast enough. As for the pace, I’d say provisionally medium to fast (not nobbing it though, ever since my crash I am not a “dangerous” rider, to to speak). That is, no risky overtakes, not flatout round every bend, and not a race certainly.

I’m on my 250 Ninja which keeps the pace quick anyway, and I’m not an overly slow rider (unless im going through towns or something - which is not the case here!)

Let me know please :slight_smile:



i’ll be at box for 11.30, we’ll see how it goes :smiley:

if anyone needs to be shown the route to box, let me know i’m coming down from Ealing north circular/ace area.

he is lying, SilveR6 :P:D:);):w00t::cool:

come on, m8, Chris, u got to come on Sunday, u shouldn’t missed the fun!!!

DUDE I won’t miss the fun, this rideout will be fun so no need to advertise others on this thread! :smiley:

How about you come along on this one and I’ll come along Sunday. OKAAAY? :slight_smile: It’s starting from Box Hill anyway, which isn’t too far. You can ride down with my if you like??

Im up for it!

Just need to shift some stuff about :hehe:

I dont mind, as long as you will guide me back to Kingston when we finish.
But I shall go down to Box hill earlier than meeting time, as I graduate from Box Hill School at 2008, wanna go back have a look and hav a lil chat with my teachers.

That’s fine man I can take you back to Kingston afterwards :smiley:

See you all down there.

For those who haven’t met me, I’ll probably be drinking Coffee and eating an overly-fattening brekky wearing Lucky Strike gear, so keep your eyes open.

If you haven’t met me yet, please don’t be scared to come up and introduce yourself. I am (usually) more than happy to meet you :smiley:

Oh, and if you don’t know the cornerman system please read up on it here:
I’ll be explaining it down there again, but please do try and understand it from Flatout’s lovely post there :smiley:


looks like its gonna rain, Chris lol…