saturday 17th feb??????

any one up for a blast??? i should get back on the 15th and then i’m away again on the 18th! so anyone fancy a blast about on this date is more than welcome to join me!!

no specific destination and no specific route!! i just need to get out on my bike for a good ol fooking blast!! i dont think ive been over 70kmh since ive been here!!!

me to!!! lol lolxxxx

Depending on the weather its a ‘yes’ from us

think thats my weekend off work, so sounds good

I’ll be in wheelie school with a few others form here.

just bumping this to see if theres anyone else at a loose end this saturday???

Sorry mate I’m at wheelie school to, if you sort out one for the next time your back I’ll definatlly be up for it

Sorry, Adam, I’m in France this coming w/e and the next.

Hiya, Morgawr is trying to get a ride out sorted with me, possibly this Saturday. Theres a thread knocking about here somewhere

come to wheelie school instead It’s about time Adz and Charlie had some company on the back wheels

if weather doesn’t look crap I should be. If there are less riders, better chance of keeping together this time too.

Believe we are combining this with this:-

shall we go for a meet at the ace at 10.30???

Ok folks that wanna attend - meet at the ACE… Meet at 1030, hope to set off round then too.

More details to come tonight after I get home and plot out the course.

Hope to see you there!

I will hopefully be at the Ace later on in the day if anyone is going to be around would be great to see you…

Im about later this afternoon…and Ginge is at the Ace at approx 2.30ish !!

might see you there then?

Good to see you and the good lady again Sean…same goes for BC2 + Co.

Me Ginge and PBZ had a blast back in to Town and stopped at the Crown and Goose pissing the Traffic Warden off by parking on the Pub Property Band (Private) as you do !!!

Up there again Tomoz and Puppy will be making a show lunch time.

Thanks for waiting for us today (Adam, Gina, Joolz and Morgaw) Took us a while to get back from Ascot to meet up

Nice dry day but Knackered from the night before

Your faces were a picture on the New Southend Rollercoaster

See you all soon

was a good day!

how cold did it get on the way back??? had to warm my nippers on the exhaust!!!

that new rollercoaster was quality, should of gone round twice though!!!

cheers for the company guys,

should be about on friday night and possibly saturday next week!