Saturday 14th March - West London Ride Out

Anybody up for a ride out on Saturday morning, weather looks cloudy but dry.

Meet at Mc Donald’s / Target Roundabout, Northolt , UB5 5AW, (just off A40) - 9.15 for a 9.30 start, back for 12 (ish)

(Streetmap link below),183918&st=4&ar=y&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=803&ax=512487&ay=183918&lm=0

Yeah I’l come along again if you don’t mine:P , nice route last week.

Whats the name of that tyre place in Feltham again ?

PM’d you earlier Kev.Won’t be able to make this one but will prob see you guys on the next ride out.Definitely was a good route last Saturday. Never knew these roads existed so close to Northolt. Lots of fun.

Oh, I think the tyre place is called Feltham Tyre Centre. can probably confirm if thats correct.

yes - thats the one

Austin - we can always go past on Saturday if u want but its fairly easy to find

Hi Kev,

Im going to be up for it. as long as we are back for 12 ish because i should be studying for my exam that i have got on tuesday!!

SHould be good fun!


We can get by 12 no problem.

I’m think of going to S’hampton after anway to watch rangers so 12 suites me fine.


I will join you the next time. ( If my bike passes the DVLA Inspection next wednesday ) .

I’m living 5 minutes near the Mc.Donalds.

Have fun, Carsten

No thats ok Kev… found it on multimap now thanks, Think I wont change tyres till after next sundays confidence newbie ridout,

No rain saturday please!

Bugger, another one I cant make, but a hoops fan huh, I like you already Kev … :smiley:

Would love to, but collecting my new bike around 9am in Stratford upon Avon, so can’t make it. Maybe I can meet some of you at Ace on Sunday?

I think I may come along to meet some of you guys I don’t live to far away. Catch u lot tomorrow

im in! see you guys tomorrow :smiley:

Ok - So far I make it

Kev 650




Whizz Kid

See you all 9-15

Right, changed my plans

I’M IN :smiley:

great - see u in the morning

I want to say thanks to kev for a really good right out thanks man. Also nice to meet some of you guys today look forward to the next one.

yeah good day out :smiley: and nice to meeting you guys … Me and Trisckie only live around the corner from each other ! I followed her home and we went to Windsor , Lovely roads views aswell …just got home!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks to Kev for psting this ride and for this mornings route, nice mix , and good to meet more LB’ers,

and thanks to Austin for keeping me company this afternoon, it was just too good a day to go home, think we took in Marlow and Henley then Maidenhead and Windsor, then Austin showed me some cracking roads practically on our doorstep

Thanks Guys :smiley:

And Iggy if you read this, I did lead in the afternoon … :smiley: