Saturday 13th afternoon round Essex.

Cancelled due to Bad weather. Sorry fo the late notice

Anybody game for a short bimble round FF and so on sound up.

Leave ace at 11 to meet people, if there are any at high beech tea hut for a noon departure. Late lunch or high tea at FF. bimble back to tea hut and or ace.

Suitable for all. Full tanks empty bladders and all that malarkey.

I’ll pop to The Ace to say hello, but fambly duties and wanting to get the bike ready for CSS means I’m not out to play for long.

I might pop in the Ace to say hi, but I’m going to be around on 4 wheels (yuck)

If I stop throwing up I could be up for this.

My joy riding is put on hold till the end of the month as cant risk my bike getting damaged as it is the deposit on my new bike im getting at the end of the month.

I’d have been up for some ‘High Beech Tea Hut malarkey’ but I’ll be on a bicycle Saturday and I’d doubt you guys would stay the pace :wink:

Be good to see you all.
Hope you get better for the ride James.

By the way if the weather report proves to be right I think the Ace is as far as I’ll go.

It’ll be dry. I think. Gonna pack waterproofs.

Cancelled due to Bad weather. Sorry fo the late notice

LoL. I think most of us were going to show up in cars anyway :grin:. I might still pop down there as I’m relly visiting in that area anyway.

I knew you’d struggle with the pace.

Forecast is for a little light rain from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm, that’ll not keep me off the bicycle :wink:

It’s wet and greasy in not so sunny Maldon

Just change the sheets Wise, otherwise it’ll be crusty in not so sunny Maldon later.