Saturday 12th Nov - Greenlaning Scouting Mission


There is a slight chance I can get out Saturday morning. If so im heading to Meopham and the byways in the area. Apparently very good.

Meet nearby earlyish, around 9-9.30am. Only for a few hours to scout the area and return one day with a posse of knobbers.

If anyone fancies popping along, then let me know. Ideally only 2/3 of us. I dont know the lanes at all in person.

(cor ive really sold it aint i!?!)

hmmmm tempted as I can combine this in with visiting an aunt in Bromley later in the afternoon…

Would you take a slightly broken KTM with you? :smiley:

By slightly broken the tail tidy is being held on with bolt+cable tie rather than by two bolts

I may even have a spare bolt. If not a spare cable tie! haha.

I’ve got cable ties… so it will hold! :smiley:

Ok so where shall we meet and what time? Remember I need 1-1.5hr (depending which route I take, motorway or the scenic) to get anywhere near there…?

Check FB message fella.

Google it. M25, M26 - come off at Junc 2a. First left and there is the Oakdene cafe slip road. Meet there (time can be confirmed nearer time, around 9.30am.)

The lanes are 5mins up road. We can have a cheeky coffee at Oakdene/Petrol station to wake up and talk KTM’s

already replied… 53 mins on google maps… I’ll be there unless there is a massive downpour! :slight_smile:

My Fing and Jeffing phone is playing up with the stupid FB app. Not got it but ill check again mate.

Yeah, ill be there too unless MASSIVE downpour. That greenlaning site has the youtube vids for that area. Wow some of them are awesome. Im so excited!

Hi guys,

Do you greenlane throughout winter?

Just wondering if it is something worth trying so that I can keep riding for longer. I do ride throughout winter (except in ice) but it’s not nearly as much fun as the summer runs and is less frequent.


I dunno mate its our first year.

I ride all year to work and summer hoonage on another bike.

Its been raining alot and the lanes near Meopham apparently get quite muddy indeed!!!

The steep up hill section is gonna be great fun. Im gonna see how it goes Saturday on road tyres. As long as I can ride then im happy. I dont fancy doing it in ALL weathers, in rain and ice and freezing cold. But a day thats warmish and I can get away with it, i will.

Got a camera?

Be interesting to see some footage of meopham as i’m not far away from the Oakdene and wondering where you enter the lanes.

Have fun though as it sounds as though you will…

oh yes, will be on camera

damn there’s going to be some embarassing footage of me then! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Looking forward to it! :slight_smile: