Saturday 12th Feb 125/Newbie Ride Out

Ok folks as i have plans for sunday i shall be wandering on Saturday

Same ride as was planned for sunday just gone …

depart Ace 10am

Cafe Lunch

Possible Her Maj Spotting …

125/newer to big bike /pootle riders friendly

about 125 miles

mmm too tempting be good fella. will have to consult wif the bank manager cause I’ve been naughty again:D

Got things to do on the Saturday… soz Tim :frowning:

can’t believe this, always hoping to join a ride out, but work on every Sunday.

finally, the only Saturday ride out so far, and i am away! :doze:

have fun, guys.

hope there is another Saturday ride out coming.

If I’m not enjoying the country roads of Cheltenham then I’ll be there! :slight_smile:

I have two social engagements this Saturday - so will not be in attendance :frowning: Mind you my riding has improved no end since last week when I finally got the bike checked out and sorted the dodgy tyre and got new brake pads - it feels like a new bike - so light and easy to ride !!

I think it was you Jamie who pointed out I had a flat tyre on Tim’s ride - I chose not to heed this wise comment. :doze:The garage man then informed me that it was indeed ‘flat as a pancake’ and had a nail in it. I am not proud of this utter stupidity :frowning: But now the issues are sorted!! Bike is absolutely a dream now:D

Sorry we can’t be there to join in the fun Tim, but glad you’re feeling better.

Be careful if stalking Her Maj;)

I’ll hope to join you Tim - subject to a hangover from Friday night :slight_smile:

Doubly handy as hoping to join a BCM on Sunday if one’s going? :slight_smile:

Subject to getting some new rubber before then (or after if i decide to become a lady of leisure for a while) i could be up for a pootle :smiley:

125 miles on a Saturday sounds like a good idea …

Café lunch (assuming there’s a big greasy cheese burger are on the menu) just clinched it for me.

See you Saturday

Are you going anywhere near Chichester. :slight_smile:

Hi Tim,

I would love to join you guys. If it is open to everyone, can you specify where is this cafe lunch? Is that the meeting place? if not can you specify? thanks


Meeting place is the Ace depart 10am …

If my bike is fixed quickly i’ll be back in reading by then, but if it is fixed slowly Ill definitely be there :smiley:

Start/Meeting/End location : Ace Cafe NW10 7ud

Lunch Location …H Cafe (aka foxes) … ( Nowhere near Chicester TDJ :stuck_out_tongue: )

bleeding fixed my bike didnt they… enjoy

well according to the weatherpeople … its meant to be a clear day … with a damp start ( pre 8am )

see you at the Ace Folks

My tyre wasnt delivered today so have to wait for it tomorrow grrrrrrrrrr

Enjoy… :wink:

Hi Tim,i be there. Happy to be Tail gunner.


We had a great day …

Stayed bone dry and fairly warm all day for us, we even had enough sunshine to make me wish I’d packed a pair of sun glasses. Good choice of route by Tim, some nice twisties past Windsor and around Sonning which didn’t have to be riden too fast. Some great fun was had at 40-50 mph with just the odd damp patch and winter damage to the road surface to keep us alert. My choice for lunch at the H café was cheese burger, chips n beans with a steamy cup of tea, a recommended alternative to the Harvester mixed grill.

A great ride out about 130 miles Ace to Ace, thanks Tim.