Satnav stem mount needed/wanted

trying to look for one of these for the sv, but i dont want to pay £20 for it… i dont need it that badly.

am i looking at the wrong thing? anyone know where i can locate one cheaper

Seriously £20!!

Either you want to mount your sat/nav or not?

Why not just selotape it on i’m sure thats cheap and will work great :Whistling:

I take it then the sat/nav isn’t worth much if it was to fall off and slide down the road at 30mph!!

Call Bob at Telefizer

They make them for the headstock, i have one for mine and it works great.

Don’t be such a tight arse :wink:

i admit im a tight arse, but if im buying cheap then i want cheap cheap, otherwise id rather buy something of a decent quality and a bit more in price.
its the tom tom rider urban, iv got the clamp but i dont think il be able to fit it onto the clip ons.

but admitidly i normaly buy cheap… :confused:
need to try and keep to quality parts for the sv i think…

This one scrapes in under £20, if you
fetch it to save on P&P :wink:

thats the clamp, iv already got that.

As PJ says call Bob at Telefizer. People always say it is expensive for what it is but it’s a one off purchase. Mine has worked great for 3 years.

buy cheap, buy twice.

I use a clamp one on my SV and and the stem mount one on the R6.

Correct link here, and it’s still under £20 until you add VAT + P&P.