Good Morning from St.Katharines Dock A Sunny day ti is

Good morning from a hot and sunny Lewes.

Just about to head out to stomp my feet and swish my skirt… gotta love Flamenco dancing! :smiley:

Good morning St Katherines Dock!

Wandsworth here - bright, sunny , bit colder and very dewy,

Ps It;s my Birthday today… wheres my friggin present???:hehe::):D:D:w00t:

happy birthday!

and good morning to everyone else

Morning Wandsworth M-H-R-2-U

Is this the Saturday workers thread? I’m in today, poooo and its a chilly but lovely day on the bike too :slight_smile:


good morning from a bright, sunny brentwood

Morning! Gorgeous day down here on the coast! Off to give myself a makeover today :smiley:

Morning. Tis a good day, cold, but good!!! :D:D:D

Good:cool: morning from sunny presteigne (Wales) :slight_smile: getting ready for a full day of riding some of Wales’ best twistiest :smiley: :w00t::cool:



morning all from a very crisp but sunny East Dulwich, today is the green change over day!:slight_smile:

Morning…tis sunny but bloomin cold…

Good morning all, and MHR Triang.
My cold has almost gone now but my bike is at dealers for servicing and waiting parts from abroad no riding for me this weekend.

Good morning, working, but its all gooooood today, started off with yet another test pass :smiley:

Absolutely cracking day in West Lothian although getting up to +4 was a bit of a shocker. Sat at my picnic table in thermals and full bike gear to eat breakfast.

Domestics done so an afternoon on the bike exploring then tomorrow down to Duns to watch some motox