Sat Navs

So after my tomtom decided not to charge anymore, I’ve decided that it might be time for a new one. Ideally in the next couple of weeks as I’m heading to france for a month (it would decided to die now :unsure: )

So after looking on amazon for a while and hm-ing and ahh-ing for the last few hours I thought I’d consult the wisdom of LB.

SO come on then Tomtom or Garmin?

These are the ones I’m looking at:




My SatNav of choice is an old TomTom One with the v7 software used in conjunction with the freeware programme ITNConvertor. The later models don’t have the itinerary planning function.

Joby’s the Garmin guru, he’ll be along soon with his two penneth.

If your happy with your existing TomTom and want to get it fixed email Marion at the TomTom Repair Team [email protected] they repaired my water logged and frazzled TomTom One for £18.00 last year - clickity click here to their inter webby site

I use Garmin and I’m a great example of how good they are as I never get lost. Well…

I think they are great products and I’ve a series of videos about them here

The main advantage of the Garmin Zumo 550 and 660 motorcycle specific ones over Tomtom is that they play music.

I’m tempted to go for the garmin as it has lifetime map and traffic updates. Some of the reviews are a bit odd though such as needing to buy a microSD card so you can update the european maps

TomTom GO730 n GO930 for me both bluetooth. Music
on them, itinery planning, I use 1 on bike 1 in truck,

Just buy and fit new battery tromboneman its easy done both of mine

The thing is I don’t think it’s the battery that’s gone. It runs ok (or did until the it ran out of juice earlier today) but when plugging it in nowt happens, nothing when plugged into the cigarette lighter, or in the PC doesn’t even recognise it when plugged in. So I suspect it’s something to do with the mini usb socket on the tomtom itself.

Kind of related question here —>

Probably a battery issue if you have eliminated charger issues. There is a place in Acton, and another in Holloway that replace satnav batteries while you wait by appointment for far less than a good new satnav. Batteries are available on eBay and there are plenty of online videos and step by step guides if you want to do it yourself.

The problem is that, with the battery having now run out of juice, even with it plugged into the laptop it won’t switch on, which leads me to suspect it’s the connector rather than the battery itself.

How long have you left it plugged in?

If it has run down to zero the device can’t mount the memory until the battery has some charge. Does it have any sort of charging light that should come on when it is plugged in but doesn’t?

Even if it is a connector get a quote it can’t cost that much for an experienced repairer to fix -

Give them a call.Not used that one in Holloway but the Acton place is similar and did a good effective and cheap screen replacement on my device while I waited.

This is the Acton place

Yeah there is a charging light, and no it doesn’t come on. I left it connected overnight but still nothing.

Thanks for those I might give them a try.