sat nav

what sat nav has blue tooth or headhpone adaptor

cheap for bikes

if anyone got ideas would appreciate any links to if pos:

Tomtom Rider V2.

rain proof, solid universal mount designed for bikes, Scala Bluetooth wireless headset included.

Got mine for £260 of the net about 6 months ago. Don’t bother buying a car one that will fall off down the motorway at speed or risk get wet if you get caught out in a rain shower.

PS. Make sure it’s a V2 and NOT a V1 you buy!

thanks most helpful:)

I’m saving for one of these too.

Garmin Zumo does all of that. They are expensive though and hold their value fairly well. Extremley well built and water proof though and come with all the gear to use in the car.

i ve got a tom tom xl but it dont have earplug or bluetooth

its only 2 months old

had a nav man was great but i used wrong charger boom :w00t:

just thought id add if your trying to update your sat nav but cant find a wire the ps3 controller wire fits

should have bought the posh one then ya tight sod !!!

both of my TomToms got earpiece n bluetooth :D:D

oh n ones for sale !!! its the GO730 uk/europe:):slight_smile:

lol :smiley: thanks it was needed quick for the car so just got it

know it now :hehe: were they on sale got a link to it,if pos: