Sat Nav solution for occasional use

Tech help pls!

I need a sat nav for use on my bike on the odd occasion that I do not know where I am going. I would be like to be able to hear it first, see it second.
Tom Tom from van, the one with a permanently attached stand (go live 825, I think it has bluetooth)Wife’s Ipad, with GPS, could download a free sat nav app.Ipod touch for music which I listen to with wired speakers.Things I could try…Ipad, navfree, wired to my headphones, ipad in rucksack. As above but buy a tank bag that fits it so I can see it too (and press buttons if it stops working)cheap sat nav with head phone jack?car sat nav bluetoothed to ipod wired to headphones (no idea if the ipod would pass on the sat nav audio)Any suggestions or tech help gratefully received.

Careful in the summertime if you go the iPad/tankbag route, the transparent cover acts like a greenhouse! I used to use my iPhone like that, and one day it got so hot it turned itself off and refused to turn on again for half an hour…

Personally I use a TomTom rider, picked up second hand for a very reasonable price.

Hadn’t thought about the cooking issue :crazy:

Do you just use the screen on the Tom Tom? I am keen to know if I need voice as well. I don’t want a headset as my exaust is a little loud, ehem. I use the Ultimate ear headphones as they are great.

None of them have head phone jacks as far as I can see.

Im thinking of buying a Twistys ride iPhone/iPod touch mount and charger for my bike as I find google maps is more than adequate enough for navigating with!

The mount is a 360 degree Ram Mount with a waterproof hardcase: the whole case can be easily removed so you don’t have to take the phone out of the case everytime you park up the bike!

And it has a compatible waterproof charger so you don’t run you phone/ipod into the ground having the maps open all the time:

I am then going to pair this to a bluetooth helmet headset! I’m still researching on the best one to get!

I think this is a really useful solution especially if you have an iPhone as it keeps it charged and within reach!

Let me know what you think!

No, I use bluetooth in the helmet. But, for your purposes, I would get a bluetooth->headphone connector, something like this for a tenner (result of a quick search, not used this particular one):

Basically you plug it into your ultimate ear headphones, and they suddenly become bluetooth headphones, so you can pair them to your bike GPS…


IIRC the Go Live 825 has Bluetooth but only for handsfree calling not for directions. Most non-Rider Tom Toms are designed like this as there is no need for voice directions by Bluetooth in a car or van.

Just want to add the voice directions most definitely do come through on a bluetooth headset (i tested with my bluetooth speakers at home) from Google Maps on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. I’m currently using just normal ear buds for listening to my iphone for directions at the moment but its kind of a pain getting them to stay in so i’m looking at that exact setup I posted above!

I use a sat nav with an earphone in the tank bag - have to be a bit careful with positioning though because the touch screen is always on and if I lean down over the tank I can change/reset the directions.

I like this plan, will investigate it tomorrow. Thanks all. Any clear consensus on whether Tom Tom or Garmin are best on a bike?

I found using the screen was ok… mostly. A couple of times I nearly missed a turning but ok… You do glance at it more often and in city would be a bit tricky but not too much of an issue to get to grips with…

If you have access to iPhone/Android instead of an iPad, I’d recommend a cheap handlebar mount. That’s what I use (modded so the USB will wire through properly and then sealed up with some glue) for the occasional trip, along with a 12v-USB. Works great for me.