Sat Nav for car/bike and Lap top

Hi all

I am looking for sat nav that will work with a bike or a car.

I know there is Tomtom Rider (for bikers) which I believe Flats and TCD have and they are pretty happy with them too

But I want one that I will be able to use on a bike and in a car too as I am planning on getting a car really soon

PS It would need to be idiot proof as I am the clumsiest person

My second request is for a laptop. I took my anger out on my previous one and I am back to using an old one which is raising my blood pressure once more. Do I go for a Sony, Toshiba or the exploding Dells?

go with sony laptops for looks, dell for cheapness, IBM for overall being the best laptop.

The Tom Tom rider is also equiped to use in the car, you just need to buy a bracket…

Yeah have to admit that the Sonys look quite nifty and are pretty light. My ex had one and it was really easy to use

You are the second person to recommend an IBM

Hmm so swinging between Tomtom rider and Navman

Navigation wise all work with both car and bike but some are obviously better than others really depends on the proportion you wish use between the two and how much. I use my PDA with tom tom 5 on it for both and have no problems but if u were to go with the tom tom rider or tom tom go they will work the same.

The advantages of the tom tom rider are the easy mountability, easier touch screen with gloves and waterproof something i believe a tom tom go doesnt have. U can get car mounts i.e. cig lighter and a windscreen mount for the rider. Hence the price difference between the two. Completely up 2 where u go from here as u will need to cater for ure needs.

Use a ram mount to mount ay navigation system to ure bike…very strong and ive tested mine at high speeds with no problem.

Laptop wise, well the manafacturer of the laptop will only differ on the follwing factors:

After sales support, Stylishness, Warranty and Build Quality. The components most laptops used are made by other manafs like intel ati nvidia…etc

Sonys do look very good, but im an Acer man myself. But if u need goo technical support I have heard good things about Dell but not experienced them first hand. Not to sure I would by an IBM for lots of reasons…but many Businesses do…

Hope that helps…

makes no difference wot brand name the laptpo is, its how fast it is that counts

Hmm dont know much about Acer

My crash bungs have arrived I had to order as kept dropping 125