Sat 4th Feb B Dinner and Drinks

Hi Guys

Seeing as we have awesome nights out together, I’m thinking of a night out to a restuarant followed by drinks afterwards.

I’m thinking of Rodizio Rico at the O2. 7.30pm for 10 people
Mexican buffet style meat feast!! I’ve been to the Islington one and its fricking awesome :smiley:

So let me know who wants to come along.


bring ya partners too if ya fancy :slight_smile:

Coolio. I booked 10 seats but can always increase it if I call up. looks like the O2 will be the better venue as its more central for everyone :slight_smile:

1: Jaime

2: Claire

3: Westie

4: Suzuki Angel

5: Hels

6: Joby

7: Anna






Get ready for the meat sweats !!

I’ll be up for this as i dropped out the last one becuase of uni work.

No food for me however, just drinks, as I will be at another location during the day for food :slight_smile:

Sounds great, count me in :slight_smile:

Boooo!! Can’t make this! If successful plan another one next month pleeeeease?? :kiss:

Sounds good to me. Great initative. I’ve been meaning to sort out an event too but not got off my bunda yet.

I should be free :slight_smile:

Make an FB event again!

I might be free for this, seeing am in London that weekend and going to the motorbike show at Excel :slight_smile:

damnit can’t you wait till I get back? :stuck_out_tongue:

Eating is cheating, so is sleeping

DRINK is where its at

Hey mr, can u put me down, I will be working til 6, but I can come for drinks! X

come on, come along, it’ll be nice to see you :slight_smile:

well, since it’s been awhile since i’ve involved myself with this group and it looks like i’ll be free on saturday, i’ll come along for the food

I’ve updated the names above. I have no internet at home at the mo so my replies might be sporadic. The O2 seems the better venue. Be good to catch up again with everyone again.

I’ll post the times later when I get a chance to look over the booking reservation.


i’ll see how i cope short of one arm for the next few days, so i’m afraid i’m a maybe :frowning:

I’m sure there will be an able young man nearby to assist you… :wink:
Any volunteers??? :slight_smile:

i definitively need help dressing up :laugh:

I don’t think any man has ever helped a lady put her clothes on! Off-yes. On-no :slight_smile:

Heh, try going to a university which is 95% female, and living in the halls of residence. I’ve had to dress a friend who was still in a drunken stupor at 10am because her parents were going to visit. I’d answered the phone and taken the message that they were on their way (this was before the days of mobile phones, we had one shared payphone), so I felt morally obliged to drag her up - trouble was, I was only just marginally more conscious. When they arrived, she was mostly clothed and I was making coffee, from that moment on they were convinced we were a couple…


Sorry J, going to have to drop out - friends are playing a gig (you guys are more then welcome to come down, it’s in Wimbledon)

Have a fab time, I’ll def. be at the next one :slight_smile: