Sargent Gel Seat

With 4 days in the saddle coming up, and the Monster not being the most comfortable or seats, I am looking to get a gel seat for it.

I have had Sargent recommended but was wondering whether anyone has had any experience of them and whether they are any good?


I have a Sargent seat on my 900ss.

It is more comfortable than the OEM seat, but it’s not going to work miracles either. I was still ready for an arse break at each refueling stop, but found that I was less uncomfortable than the standard seat. I am able to focus longer on riding and less on how sore my posteria is.

So it works, and is an improvement, but not a miralce panacea.


Viking Vynils !!

There is a post in Help and Advice with a guys number that makes then buy hand…give him a call and he will answer you questions.