Santas coming...

Who sorts out the LB xmas party? Roughly what date is it normaly? I wana try get back for it this year as ive missed out the last 2 years running due to work

Yeah get a party going peeps!!

We’re there for major defo, you get me bruva! whoop whoop (sorry im really tired)

Really looking forward to a good LB knees up! :smiley:

I’d like to see i can make it this year, why is that i have nothing for ages and when a party comes along i am busy.

Why don’t you tell them when you can’t make it and then they can try and organise it for those dates :smiley: :smiley:

Umm well i deffo cant make it within the next 2 months :stuck_out_tongue:

It`s often around Christmas time:D

Hope I get my raffle prize before I win another one:unsure:

Currently being discussed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! discussing when we get our raffle prize? We’ve only waited nine months for it so far. (Hope it’s not a baby:sick: )

Why would it be round xmas time? That sounds a stupid idea to me… :PIm working xmas but im hoping i can get back before so i can come to this :DEDIT: so the earlier in December the better :wink:


Yea, sooner in December the better then we can scrub in our new tyres before it gets too icy:w00t:

If its in the first week of Dec then i can plan on going to the NEC bike show too ;):smiley:

Think the jets missed something ^^^ ive not been told off yet :P:D

Can`t have Hope without Glory:P

Well you can win Glory this year :hehe:

Wed rather have the tyres we were promised than a pair of babies, unless theyre dual compound touring babies:D

Im sure that could be arranged :w00t::hehe:

Why do you think Lou and Andrew have been so busy? :w00t::D:P;)