Santa Pod, RWYB & Straightliners

12th & 13th March 2011RWYB on the Saturday, Gates open at 8am

Straightliners on the sunday

Camp there on the sat night, Barbie, maybe a few beers :hehe:

All the prices etc are on the link :wink:

Here’s a link to the last one we went on:

And some pic’s from it :slight_smile:

Probably meet at the Ace on the sat morning or you can meet us there :slight_smile:

Please bring a sense of humour and a sick bag :Whistling:

Due to a few of the usual crew not being able to make this, im canceling this, and gona organise another one when it gets a bit warm.

Stacey Tattoist chick is going to do a rideout to it, from the Ace sunday morning…If anyone still wants to go PM Her :slight_smile:

wheres the date ya dopey old c**t ? :D:D

Underneath where it say’s santa pod, rwyb, you blind old c unt :smiley: Santa Pod, RWYB & Straightliners (2 guests, 1 member)
12th & 13th March <<<<<<<Just there :wink:

when you click the link you retarded monkey theres lots of dates…gissa f**kin clue of the month at least :D:D

you fink Grim gonna turn up wiv a sick bucket this time ? :smiley:

Link it says

THE 12th and 13th MARCH

Can you see it ok now you blind thick c unt :smiley:

well as long as I dont launch the 'bird at Silverstone on the 12th will come up afterwards :D:D:D

I’m in :wink:

Fort you would be :cool:

Could well be up for this. (if the bike’s ready in time)

I wanna go but can’t!! And anyway i don’t think I could handle watching tug on the strip again!! **** me his slow:D

I’m in! If the weather is the same as last year!!:wink:

I’ll come along for a day, not camping though, unless I can sleep in my car ? :smiley:

Sounds good to me. I’ll try to break into the elevenses on my 600:D

Nice one Jamie, more the merrier :wink:

@ Miggy…Cool, wont be the same without you getting your winkle out :w00t:

sounds like an Idea Terry will see nearer the time even if I just come for the day!!

Just be careful on the strip, it could cost you a hand:w00t:

I’ve seen that before:w00t: so not watching it again:)

Might be up for this.

+1 also thinking of popping along for the day

Is this still happening, last year was a great laugh def coming again:D