Santa Pod, Run What Ya Brung: Pictures

Santa Pod on a RWYB day. Turn up, pay your £20 and take your own vehicle up the 1/4 mile drag strip - all timed. Here are some pictures I took.

Is that Nitrous that I see, on a Supermoto?

It’s a car, but it’s a hell of a burnout!

Finally, the most awesome vehicluar sight I have ever witnessed. This thing had an afterburner running the entire length of the car. I was stood about 30m behind it and the heat output was amazing. When he powered it up, we were covered in smoke. He did the standing quarter in seven seconds at a top speed of… 226mph!

Oh m’God. Scary.And that’s just the guys doing it in jeans.

I’ve been to a classic bike show that were also doing timed runs. So the complete opposite to you!!

Blinding pictures, Silver! I’d love to have a go at a couple of runs sometime. I went to Santa Pod a couple of years ago and loved it. The Top Fuel dragsters are out of this world.

What’s with the stretched Supermoto? Hehehe…

How was it Andrew ? Was it good ?, I didnt get to go in the end, other half not been a well bunny all day

Really good, thoroughly enjoyed it and lots of pics are ready to go.

Blimey - is that bloated orange thing really a 7r ?? I feel like crying…

Great pics… keep meaning to RWYB the CB1300

Nice photos as alwasy Silver, wouldn’t mind having a go on that guys supermoto

Well done silver, yet again some great pictures. Seeing pics of some of that serious kit out there, think I may not take the SV for a run

Bloody Hell, was that a CCM…running!!!

Haha! I wouldn’t worried, unless you think that you’ll have lost in some way when the 1300cc turbo 'Busa you’ve lined up against blasts into the distance! I took my ZX636 up there when I had it, and Rossi could have been riding my bike and not ‘won’ a single run. Very interesting to see the times though (and very annoying when you screw up the start! )

I found a video of the jet car (“Fireforce”). Now, watch the video and imagine being stood where I was (directly behind the car in the mini grandstand! )

impressive that jet car, but slow compared to jet bike ridden by that french guy. that is like a bullet