Santa Pod Run What Ya Brung 1/5/10

Will be riding up in the morning, Leaving the Ace approximately 08:30
Bank Holiday Mon 3rd May
Feel free to join us :smiley:

Bikers have to wear crash helmet together with appropriate motorcycle riding apparel. One-piece or two-piece zip-together suits are recommended, made from suitable materials. You may be suspended from using the strip if you are not appropriately dressed. T-shirts and shorts are not safe items to wear on the track.
Public Track Day.
Run What Ya Brung (RWYB)
Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire offers the cheapest and most accessible track time in the UK. For just £10 admission and £25 to “sign on”, you can take your motorcycle out on the famous quarter-mile drag strip and test it’s performance limits in a safe and legal environment.

2)Dan (Rickys mate)

up for this,:cool:

2)Dan (Rickys mate)
3) tug 1340

Well this time LOOK AT THE FUGGIN LIGHTS !!! go on green ya numbskull:D:D:D:D

fek u,didnt see you on the track:D

come on lets see how quick that old bird of yours:D

im game

I’ll come along, the ZX6 managed an 11.3s best last time and it’ll be great to see what I can get the busa to do.

Please keep me away from the burger van . . . :sick:

good times in the zx,be good to see ya steve:)

Would have loved to join you guys, however gonna be in Germany on 3rd may, enjoy it you lot:)

we will mate,gona miss you:D

Unfortunately we will not miss him and intend to spank his arse in the Channel Tunnel parking dash.:smiley:

Tested quarter mile times for our bikes are . . . 2009 blade 10.3s . . . B-King 10.2s . . . 2003 busa 9.9s . . .

How close are we going to get to those times ? :w00t::smiley:

Steve bring your blackbird along :slight_smile:

What bike has Dan got ?

How about £5 each into a hat and closest to the official quarter mile time wins the pot ?

Looking forward to it, see if you can get Terry to come too :slight_smile:

have some of that,only if ricky dont run:D:P:D

Would love to come and embarrass you all again but luckily for you, my bike wont be ready. :stuck_out_tongue:

thank fuk for that:D

Be interesting to see what a restricted bike would do but don’t want to be laughed off in public! :smiley:

dont worry i feked up on the first run,after waiting 4 hours to get on the strip

i ran a red light,felt a right plonker, but still had 3 more runs and had a great time ,u def get the bug for it:D

Its is a solo run or are you up against someone ?

normally some one else,but if your like me and jump the lights:Dits a solo run