Sand Buckets at Petrol station's

Before filling your bike up at the station does anyone else use the sand buckets to tip the left over petrol in the nozzle into?, just so it doesn’t go all over your tank. :unsure:

No, cos I can’t see how petrol covered sand would aid in putting out fires! :P:D

Hmm that’s a good point! :smiley: Well if anyone ever goes to Blendon petrol garage in Bexley and a fire breaks out, dont use the sand bucket at pump number 4

hope that wasnt you that put the nozzle in the sand… :w00t:


No, but here’s my tip:

Rotate the nozzle 180 degree’s slowly to dispense any left over fuel safely when putting the nozzle into the tank and out of it. No drips on your bike then! Very important when passing over a nozzle to someone you’re sharing with as well.

bang on, if ya dip your nozzle into the sand surely ya gonna get sand in your tank too, or the next person is?

I thought that was just common sence and a bit obvious too, lol

I never knew. I’ve just been using them to throw my fags in before I fill up.

They’re for building castles with! Jeez…have to tell you everything!:slight_smile:

Rotating nozzels??? Sand buckets??? Petrol station forecourts???

Very masonic :smiley:

It’s all a conspiracy!! ;):smiley:

I try not to share my nozzle or accept a nozzle from strangers.

At 120p per litre, why are you sharing it with the bucket!!! :w00t:


no its not who said anything about conspiracies? Move along now, psss u you wanna the truth meet me out back in 5:D

No way! I ain’t getting mixed up in all that… Ok, see ya there! :laugh:

I always give it a little shake to get all the drips off… :slight_smile:

…oh, you were talking about petrol nozzles - wrong subject, sorry :Whistling:

there for your cigarette butts

Glad to hear :D:D