Samsung GS2 vs MacBook

Hi techies
I got a Samsung Galaxy a couple of months ago and i cannot, but CANNOT get the damn thing to talk to my Mac…I’ve downloaded Kies for Mac & got a really good phone manual online and i’m still no closer to transfering all my music from iTunes. The Mac is not seeing my phone :crazy:

Before i throw the whole lot out the window please can someone tell me where i’m going wrong :doze:
Thank you Q

I think the Mac is the obvious problem :w00t:

Doesn’t the mac try to auto-mount the Galaxy at least?
Anything in the log files upon connecting the Galaxy to the Mac?

Hi Quill, is it firing blanks honey? :wink:

You shouldn’t need Kies to transfer music to the device, it’s not an iDevice. When you plug the phone in, does the phone ask you whether it should present itself to the computer as a disk?

The mac should see your phone if you connect via usb. What OS version are you running?