Sams bike in Fast Bikes mag

sams bike on page 94 in magazine?

Can you post a photo?

Lol. Yes it is :grinning:

I won a pair of nice gloves for those pictures so well chuffed

bloody hell.

who’s gonna shut you up now.


Lol. It’s been out a week now and I’ve not mentioned it once.:grinning:

I’m a very humble person really lol

My copy is at work so can’t take a picture of it sorry.

Here we go, here’s the picture :smiley:

seen as them gloves are mainly the colour of my bike i think you should pass them over to me mate

those gloves would also suit my KTM :smiley:

back of the cue!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m open to offers around £39.99 :smiley:

Nice, well done Sam :slight_smile:

And yes, I believe you’re a very humble person, you hardly ever mention your role in Pulp Fiction :smiley:

I think the photographer should get one of the gloves and you the other. :smiley:

lol. OK, i’ll send it to him in the post when it arrives :smiley:

Those pics are really good, who did them? :wink: