Sammy Miller motorbike museum

Looking to go here over the bank holiday weekend, looks pretty cool. I LOVE the New Forest, not a bad ride either although the weather is supposed to be a bit pants so I think we’re going to go in the car.

Anyone been before? It’s also not too far from the beaulieu motor museum, a tank museum AND monkey world!

Yes it’s a great museum well worth the visit. Good cafe on site as well. :smiley:

One of my buddys ex bikes in in there , the museum bought it off him it is one of the slippery sam triumphs .

Spooky - we were thinking of going there at the weekend if the weather holds up and if they don’t have a special event on. We like the alpacas :slight_smile:

I was thinking of that area aswell, nearly 12 months ago since that really good Dorset ride out last year. I must sort a birthday party for my latest replacement part :w00t:

The Alpacas are interesting but watch out for the bulls on the way there, they can get a little frisky :w00t:

This near mint BSA was left propped against the raised beds, very similar to my first ride back in the day

and don’t forget to sample a portion of their cholesterol busting chocolate cake, you know you want too :wink:

Ohhhh awesome, if you go let me know :slight_smile:

We’ll probably go on the Sunday then head more towards the New Forest on Monday.

Did you go? I went on the Monday - although by car as the weather was dismal!

Not too sure how often he is around but the man himself was showing some people round and ended up having a chat about a rather odd looking 2WD bike in the collection.