same protection as leather in textiles?


Need some advice please.

I’m probably going to the NEC and see what they have in textiles, as leather in the rain don’t really hold up and its cold in the morning, now that winter is here.

Also the fact that it takes me 10min to get changed at work (shirt-tie-trouser) where as with textiles you can where them underneath and be warm and dry.

Is it possible to get textiles which offer the same abrasion as leather and has the same armour or better?


Hi there and welcome, Have a look at this post as it deals with most of what you ask !

Hi Digger,

Thanks, I did post the same question on the end of the thread… but I didn’t receive a reply and I belive it was partialy on the incorrect seaction.



now as the bad weather is arriving its textiles for me, like you say can be worn over work clothes and most come with some form of armour in them now, just remember they probably WONT offer the same protection as leathers so adjust your riding style accordingly :slight_smile:

Hi Steve,

I’m a new rider,

Could you please explain on how I would change my riding when wear textiles?

I was under the impression that leathers are for long journeys and textiles for short?


Leather have a much higher abrasion resistance than any textile. Further more, as they are usually much closer to the body, the armor is less likely to move off in case of impact. What he means by adjusting your riding style is that although you do not want to get off ever, if you have to, better do it when you are in full leather gear. This is why you will never see anyone riding on a track in textile, regardless on the weather.

^^^^^^^Wot Le Frenchie said :D:D

as freddie says textiles move around more so more chance of the armour “moving” a bit more plus the material will wear through quicker, but if you are riding in winter its better to get some as cold wet leathers will ruin your concentration, plenty of layers is the way to go or like some people have plenty of “natural” insulation :smiley:

For the best winter protection you should check out the range of kit produced by Ford and Vauxhall;):D:D:D

If you spend enough money, textiles can be more abrasion resistant than leather of the same thickness. And there are vast differences in leather, it’s not all good.

At non government budget levels, Cordura and a couple of other brand name fabrics are pretty damned good.

The armour can move around and get out of place on impact with ordinary over jackets and trousers. If your seriously concerned about that, get a snug fitting mesh jacket with the armour and use a decent un armoured jacket over the top.

I know it’s fashionable to knock them, but my couple of Frank Thomas (Aquapore) jackets have served me well.

This months Ride magazine has a slection of their best kit tests over the last year, including fabric jackets.

For the very best of protection, don’t fall off. (Or start riding a Kennilworth tractor unit.)

Leather offers the best protection for sliding along in, which is why they are the only thing to use on track. In a road off it’s unlikely you’ll slide very far before hitting something, so textiles and armour are fine and their weather protection is better. Armoured boots and gloves are probably more important as it’s hands and feet that take the hit.

I’ve spent about £500 on my leathers and they are good but its cold.

It would ideal if there was a jacket or coat with a thin, warm and waterproof material.

Then your warm and waterproof best of both worlds.

I do know that HG sell this textiles jacket which they claim has the same abrasion same as leather but its £500 for a jacket.

I’d expect a decent textile jacket to be at least as expensive as ordinary (i.e. mid-range, not supersnazzy) leathers. After all, it will keep you safe, warm, and waterproof all year round. When it gets dirty, you just bung it in the washing m/c.

Agreed, if you really ride all weathers I’d say keeping dry/warm is going to be more important than expensive leathers and being cold. My textile gear cost more than my respectable leathers.

My biggest worry is the armour does move around, but I think in most road related accidents they won’t make a big difference. However I wear a separate back protector with kidney belt since I fractured my back, (not on a motorbike).


I’ve also got a know back protector with kidney pads.

Would anyone recommand any good brands, my leathers are from arnen less.

Also what do I do with my leather I’m no where going to get the money I paid for them?

A good textile jacket should come with plenty of adjustment to help keep armour in the right places. Look out for that when purchasing.

Halvarssons Safety suit.

I’d be amazed if those adjustments did really work in a serious impact, they’re no way near as secure as wearing leathers. I’ve had skin tight armour jackets move on impact, so a textile jacket is going to be worse.

keep your leathers for the summer, much cooler than textiles

ask Johnse1 if he thinks textiles or leather! he’ll prob tell ya he wished he put his leathers on that day, might have made a bit of difference.