Same day parts

I need a new head gasket for a 98 Yamaha SR125, but i also need it tomorrow.

short of phoning round dealers, any ideas of places that might be able to do this.

Wemoto don’t have it in stock, they are on the south coast if it was.

If you don’t mind going to Milton Keynes to pick it up, then AJ Sutton’s are a big online Yamaha parts supplier who may be able to help.

Failing that, I guess its a case of ringing around Yamaha dealers in London to see who’s got one in stock.

bit of cardboard would do it! :smiley:

ha ha, says the man with 4 broken bikes.

he is technically right though. but not just cardboard box card obviously, get a blank of gasket card and if you are lucky you might find the gasket diagram online that you can print 1-1 and trace around. soak it in a little oil and away you go.

For a head gasket?

yep, very old school mind, and it depends on the age of the head and the original gasket material, but did that with a mini years ago. worked fine too. pressure in a bike engine might exceed what a card one can manage (125 might be OK though??), but it would also probably manage a temp fix till the good one arrives. Calling it card is a bit mean, its probably nothing like card as it can be a biatch to cut, is much stiffer and less porous, but its a similar colour, or at least it used to be. most actual CARD gaskets are only really good for weather proofing junctions, I still fit them to electric hoists due for use outdoors.