Same contravention, different days

I got two Penalty Charge Notices this week from Tower Hamlets for riding in a bus lane near Box Park on 22nd and 27th of May. They’re £130 each, 50% discount if paid within 14 days. Hands up; I am guilty of missing the signs – I should have been paying more attention to the signs. I am allowed to ride in bus lanes pretty much everywhere in London (what’s so special about the bus lanes in Shoreditch?), and do not routinely look for signs before I ride into them. So I figure if these are the first ones, then as I do this journey most days I should be getting maybe another half dozen through the post soon … £65 a day so about £500 – 600. This feels a bit disproportionate to the ‘contravention’ as they put it (presumably it’s not an offence). I figure I will wait a few days and see what else comes through, and then appeal to their better nature and maybe get away with one or two. If anyone here has any good advice on appealing multiple contraventions, would be much appreciated. Thanks - N

Make sure you use plenty of lotion.

I had the same when for a week I was being naughty, but with a ‘no right turn’… in the end I only got three tickets, but I got them about 2-3 weeks apart.

After the third one I phoned and explained what had happened and they said there was nothing more to come… now whether this was because they accepted my reasoning or because there was no one on that camera to pick me up on other occasions, I don’t know…

In any case, it will hurt but not sure what you can do legally to stop other fines coming :frowning:

i think you should consult that website which name now escapes me about contesting the tickets, reason why i believe if you have committed the same offence day after day you should be able to pay just the first ticket rather than all of them. i think its happened before, but as i said there are specific websites which offer that kind of legal advice.

If you were done by CCTV then the operator may not have spotted you every day as there will be different people on different shifts. So you may not receive any other fines.


thanks Dave :smiley:

Thanks for your responses. I will see what joys come through my door this week, do some research and figure out an appeal.

Worth noting that it’s about 50/50 for whether you can ride in bus lanes. Good practice to check.

Have been dealt many a hand of shit for missing the sign.

I am allowed to ride in bus lanes pretty much everywhere in London (what’s so special about the bus lanes in Shoreditch?)

They’re not operated by TFL. The motorbikes-in-buslanes thing is a TFL project and no local council is required to join in. In general red-routes are TFL and others aren’t, so it’s reasonably safe to assume that if it’s not a red route you ought not be in the bus lane.

It sounds obvious but with bus lanes you really have to read the signs as they are all different. Same as the parking restrictions in Kensington and Chelsea. It’s very easy to get caught out. On the plus side general motorists don’t read the signs so don’t drive in bus lanes outside of restricted hours. I’ve had my own express lane loads of times in the car, although a string of vehicles fall in line after me when they realise.

we don’t make the rules yo. But you’re a dope if you break them :slight_smile:

whatever you do, contest each and every fine, the excuse doesn’t matter at all… if you get the guy on the other side on a happy mood you might walk away without having to pay, I’ve got 3 tickets on the past and have contested each one of them, so far I’ve only had to pay one.

contest them, you got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Have contested 3 parking tickets and got them all quashed due to procedural errors by the council.

Plessed to come home from holiday today and find letters saying all fines have been cancelled. I appealed on basis that the first sign was missing and repeaters were bent / not facing road / covered in graffiti. Lesson learned - thanks once again to LB posters for advice. Could’ve been expensive.

Well done.

Great result!

That’s a great result and a fair result if that was the condition if the signage. Good job.