samco hoses

Has anyone used any on their bike or have any experience of them? Do they make any difference?

yes and all it does it make the bike look pwitty:D


They should last longer too, as they don’t perish.

I use samco personally and for clients. Never had any issues.

is it true they help decrease engine temp? If they do, then at least i’ll have a good enough reason to get some, rather then them just looking sweet!:wink:

No, they are just another form of pipe, all they do is transport water or air, same as the OEM pipes. You can buy thicker silicone hoses (more plys) which are stronger if for some reason you need them.

You also get them in different colours but I gather red is the faster colour, makes the water flow a bit quicker which might help better cool the engine :wink:

lol, oh well, maybe something to procrastinate about then! Well my bike is blue so the standard colour would suit!:smiley:

OMG, I cant beleive your thinking of getting these Mate, save your money and we can do another track day! :smiley:

If your engine is getting hot and the fan is coming on? Then this just means that your not riding quick enough! Take a leaf out of my book, as a rider of quite some experience with no penalty points i might like to add! My Engine never runs hot!! :w00t:

dude big vee’s a;ways get hot, also could be rad needs flushing and new fresh coolant and give the rad a clean fins might be all blocked up ium told this leads to overheating, my SV often gets to 100 ro over if i get stuck plodding at 30-40;)

Save your money and get Rim Tape instead:cool:

you cheeky '[email protected], yea, radiator looks extremely blocked and I haven’t checked the coolant since i got the bike so that could have summin to do with it! How do you clean the radiator???!!! Had a look at it the other day whilst cleaning with fairing off etc and it seemed like it would be a nightmare to try and flush out all the crap in it.

somebody uses Twitter too much :wink:

eh? I haven’t even got a twitter and refuse to get one at that!lol

yeah yeah I believe you :smiley:

Lol, ruddy cheek

most likely you have bugger all coolant, check your fan works too, to clean rad im told a blast with a pressure washer from a few feet away will do the job, no idea about flushign coolant and replenishign the sytem tho!