salutations and erm, Hello

alright Jim Here,

saw you guys round borough market and looked you up on line, nice site and looks like a welcome community.

shall try and do the newbie meet on the 7th Jan at the Ace.

Currently running a grey zx6r but here’s a picture of my FZR400r that threw a sprocket on me at about 120, nice.

hope to meet up with you lovely people soon, cheers.



hello and welcome jim :slight_smile:

hi and welcome jim

welcome jim!

Hi Jim and welcome along:)Nice FZR ya got there, i’ve just skipped an engine and frame from one of them Genesis models to make some space. Still got lots of bits and bobs if you need anything:cool:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hello Jim, welcome to LB!

Coming to the Party to meet everyone? :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB and merry christmas mate:D

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Come to the party, we all look much better in a darkened room :smiley:

Hello mate, and welcome.

Thanks for all the welcomes, going to be away on the friday for the party but will definitely appear in the new year.


Hello and welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome to LB… :cool: