Salt Problems

So how do you guys deal with the Slat issue on the bike? Any specific liquids that can be used to remove teh shitty salt?
What about your gear? My jacket, trousers and boots look like crap, white patches that don’t seem to come off, what can I use to wash them?

I don’t give a monkey’s at the moment. I’m just grateful to be warm, when the snow etc goes, then I’ll think about cleaning my gear. For now though, I’ve just wet wiping my visor clear

Same here…

When it’s all gone (snow/slush/salt and dirt), muc-off on the bike hosed down and recovered in ACF50.
Goretex jacket and trousers in washing machine with tec-wash and then reproofed.


Your gear needs washing. Goretex stuff recommended Nixwax tech wash. Leather no idea.

As for the bike ACF50 before winter, if you haven’t then regular use of Scot Oil FS365 will help neutralize the salt.

Got a hose next to my parking space at work.

When I get in, I spend 2mins just spraying cold water on the affected areas.

I think it may help, but am I wasting my time?

well im using the scotoiler f365 spary, it does a good job at keeping the worst of it at bay, however note to self, avoid all shiney brake discs lol!

Do you have to wash the bike first to spray anything on. Just asking, as there’s no way I can wash my bike at the minute, as it’s too dark when I get in.

no, well i dont, i was just spraying it all over the engine, pipes, fastners an sometimes i didnt wash the bike for a few weeks, always came up fine…

ACF50 before winter and after cleaning it (which has only happened once this winter…)

Hose down jacket/troos/boots every so often. Done it both these past two weekends since I’ve not been riding. Rinse my visor about daily at the minute.

Use loads of water (hold it under a tap, or use a sponge or similar) rather than a wipe. If you wipe it and it is salty you’ll scratch it.

Do they damage the washing mashine? You remove all the armours? What about gloves and boots? Couldn’t I just wear them and ask the missus to hose me down:D and use some washing liquid or much off?

lol, what with a pressure washer?:stuck_out_tongue:

I managed to get some salf off with just hot water on a cloth, but it really wasnt much.

Dont use hot water on the bike when rinsing. Aparently it reacts with the salt & makes it worse…

quite right, cold water is better. i think i should wash the trumpet soon, poor cow shes sat in the garage wif dirty eyes…:-(:smiley:

I thought you just went into the shower to wash salt off your trumpet?

i say how rude alexis… tut tut, mindyou i wouldnt expect any less from you…:wink:

Hehe :wink:


Yeah, salt water will react with the metal quicker while it’s hot. But the salt will dissolve into hot water quicker (and more completely) than cold water.
Also, when you’re riding in the rain (or snow) any water that’s hit your engine is hot salty water. And it’s hotter than you’re likely to be rinsing with, stays hotter for longer and isn’t being forced anywhere.

Personally, for the <2 minutes it takes to rinse the bike down as against however long it’s spent with the salt on it, I’m prepared to slightly quicken the corrosion process to help make sure I get more of the salt off.

No. Remove all the armour like you say. I do up the zips and fasten all the velcro also. Gloves go in as well!

Boots - I usually fill the bath, add some baby bath, slosh them around in there for a while,
rinse them off and leave them dripping upside down in empty bath then stick in the airing cupboard.

Do the same with my lid, but that goes in before the boots if using same water…:wink: