Start up costs can be expensive as I recently found out so when I was Riding along spotted a closing down sale with discounts on all products, 20% off etc… at Hein Gericke on the Kenton road, Kenton, Harrow I thought of my fellow newbies, in case people were interested.

Exact plan I took. Kitted myself out at weekend at Gants Hill branch. 20% off lids, 40% off clothings, 25% off accessories (if I recall correctly). Limited sizes left though, not much Sheltex (cheaper) stuff left, some leather, but more (expensive) Goretex stuff left. Quite a bit of ladies stuff.

Picked up lids for myself and wife, leather trousers, sheltex boots and some slot in back armour for my jacket ( but not sure its right size :-\ ) Not passed DAS yet (module 1 booked next week), but figured I should take advantage of sale, whilst I can.

Yeah good idea to get kitted up while the offers are there, good luck with mod 1