SALE: Suzuki GS125 ES brilliant little bike

Here is a lovely little 125cc workhorse that has been with us for 3 years.

I originally bought it in 2010 for my girlfriend (the previous owner was also a lady) who was just starting out with bikes although she had already been riding for about 18 months, so she had learnt to use the clutch and gears on another machine before getting onto this.

After she passed her test, I used this little bike to get to work and back 60 miles a day whilst my GSXR 1000 was off the road.

It takes about £15 worth of petrol to fill up and that carried me over 200 miles. Road tax is £17 for the year.

Bad points
Being 14 years old, it has a few scuffs here and there (nothing major) and it is missing the handlebar ends.

The bike is currently on SORN and has no MOT but it passed without fault at the last one and has been in the garage since.

Good points
I’ve put on a new battery.
It has recent chain and sprockets and front tyre.
As can be seen in the video below, it runs and rides fine.

This would make a perfect learner bike for CBT holders, but equally it is just as great for simple cheap transport.


and we will actually be a bit sad to see this go as it has served us both really well.

Any questions, just ask.

Thanks for looking.

The standard bit at the end

No test rides without full final value paid, and insurance document and CBT / full licence must be shown.
Cash on collection.

do you have any photos? and how much do you want?

Sorry the HTML wasn’t working out so I’ve uploaded a pic. There are more on the eBay auction and also a video of it running.

It’s currently up for £170 so will just see what it gets.

Could be a real bargain for someone.

Here’s the video featuring the bike, ridden by my girlfriend’s sister.

It was her first time ever riding a bike. Seem to take to it really quick, especially the gears (I hate young people :smiley: )

She has just passed her car tests so I guess those controls aren’t too entrenched in her mind.

Looks a great little bike for a learner Eugene,good luck with the sale.

Mrs J is salivating as she hopes to ride soon, I say practice on the stallion before you entertain the colt.

I just sent the link to my son

can it be viewed ? I live in Maldon & can pop in on the way home

Cheers mate.

Unfortunately it’s early starts and late finishes at work this week so would have to be weekend.

Should finish on Friday before the bidding ends and be available about 8pm so if you want to arrange then, that should be possible.

Please send me a message on eBay though as I may miss it here as I’m not on the forum that much.


I do it when I get home Ebay blocked here