Safe to Sell Motorcycle for Export? Scam?


Since putting my ad for my bike up someone wants to buy the bike for export. I told him that I would only take cash and he was ok with that. I’m finding it quite sketchy but I’ve never sold a bike in Europe so I’m not sure if it’s more common. I’d love to get everybody’s thoughts on if this is a typical scam


It can be legit, I’ve heard a few cases of eastern europeans coming over in a big van, buying up a bunch of cheap bikes legally then taking them back home because they’re worth more over there.


I sold one of my bikes that way. Two polish guys met me at Twickenham stadium (I was watching a game), checked the registration, gave me cash and took it away. They didn’t check the bike over, didn’t turn it on and didn’t take the service book. I saw it on their website in Poland two weeks later at a hefty mark up. I didn’t have any problems and would do it again.


Which address would you put on the V5? There is a section for permanent export but they’d need to do that after the sale I guess.

Irish people (from the Republic of Ireland) buy used bikes in the UK too as there is a larger market here.


Thanks guys, the buyer definitely wants it, and it seems legit from what I can tell. What forms do I need to arrange for? Any guidance you guys can provide would be seriously appreciated. I’m always extremely skeptical about buyers so I’d like to do everything possible to ensure the transaction goes smoothly.


I’ve done it as well. Asked to see ID from the buyer, took a pic of it, and then sent a letter to DVLA notifying them of the sale along with the buyer’s details.


Reminds me of a Russian who responded to my gumtree ad and bought my Escort after I drove him round the block. I insisted on a name/address on the V5 bit and he had to telephone his ‘brother’ before confirming.

Paid cash and took the car. Always suspected he was a drug courier after a clean car, but now thinking he was maybe just an exporter. Hope so anyway.


The buyer is sending a driver to come and collect. Do I need any special forms or just hand over the v5 and fill out the export section? Also should I put it in the drivers name or the buyer?


Also, any other forms I need from the dvla?