Safe Sex

Prostitutes have been ordered to wear fluorescent jackets to avoid being hit by cars while touting for business. The women face a £35.00 fine unless they wear the sleeveless jackets, along with their usual short skirts and skimpy tops in Els Almurus, Catalonia. Mayor Josep Maria Bea has been trying to drive prostitutes out of the area but officials insist the women are not being singled out and that the rule applies to all pedestrians. More than 300,000 women work as prostitutes in spain, where it is not illegal, with about 95 per cent being immigrants.

Laughed when I read this, how long before we all have to wear a hi-vis after dark:w00t:

That’s the last time I’m wearing a fluoro on the bike no matter how bad the visibility.

I don’t want anyone thinking I’m touting for business.

Kevsta has been wearing high viz jackets for years!! Hmmmm, maybe there’s something he’s not been telling us? :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anybody told kevsta

dammit!! was gonna say something about Kevsta… :Whistling: :smiley:

What about the NTBP brigade they wear Hi Viz:P

I thought that this was gonna be about safe sex in cars… I always tie my feet to the steering wheel just in case!:slight_smile:

pmsl! Me too! how cool to find another feetywheeler :laugh:

I can see it now: :smiley: You’ll get us

I don’t think Kev is a hooker but if he was he wouldn’t get much if any buisness with his face.:smiley:

He’s a very good shag though!

hmmm you dont look at mantelpiece when poking fire do you … and then only if there is a mirror above mantelpiece as you would need the reflection if you were availing yourself of Kevsta’s services

is this so you can see them coming ?

“Safe sex” isn’t as much fun… where’s the downright filthy dangerous shocking preverted sex thread eh? oooh, bugger lager typing, don’t hit “Post Reply”, must R…E…SIS…TTTTTTTT, screw it. :wink:

so much for discreetly visiting a prostitute for the punters now. :slight_smile:

i think its a great idea.

they should have numbers aswell so you can remember the ones you like and just call out.

“69” please :w00t:

will they require you to use these as well?