safe for the headlamp

hi are those philips xtremes or osram nightbreakers safe for the sh300i headlamp unit being at a higher output?.
heard that they could burn the wiring and melt the headlamp.
right?, wrong?.

are they safe to fit?.
looking for something brighter than this yellow rubbish!..


What’s the wattage?


What’s standard, 55w? If so, they won’t be burning wiring…plastic lenses, maybe

thanks no real idea there, but these standards aint all that at all as we know…

would have a HID kit but all these laws and that…forget it…


Sounds like you need a haynes manual, or!

thanks well it does state on the ebay ad that they are safe for plastic lenses!..


Had no problem on the tdm and they are plastic. I think that they run cooler as more of the energy is converted to light and less to heat. Hence the brighter output.

I’ve run +50% ones from Aldi on my scoot (£3.99!) and they are fine. These bulbs do not take extra current, they just use it better.