sad news!!!

Hello hello

my bike was stolen last November, now insurance paid out and I start to look for another used motorbike.
Look around for GSX 1000 and CBR 1000. I found good price for bikes, but not for insurance. tryed benntt did not offer insurance, then tried on a 2005 GSX or 2004 CBR, price tag of the bike 4100. Cheapest insurance found 3800. (only Third Party)

so sadly I have to say NO to motorbike in UK. so I am thinking to buy a motorbike in Italy, where my family lives, (my sister will be the owner and she will insure for any rider) and I will use it everytime I will go in holiday.


Why don’t you look at sticking to a 600cc and trying someone like Adrian Flux as they were the cheapest I could find at the time. I’d had an accident in 2006, 2 months after I passed my test and when I bought the ZX6 it was only 14months later.

It maybe worth looking at other 600’s to bring the price down for a bit as Gixxers can sometimes be higher than other 600s…I know it ain’t fun, but my 2nd bike the Yamaha Diversion XJ600s is well cheap. I know its not what you want to do but it’d only be for 12 months and then your price will drop about 50%.

If you still can’t get a decent quote…get a 125 or 250 or something for here in the UK just to regain a lower policy cost in the future…and like you said, enjoy the bigger bike when you’re at home.

Personally I think its wrong that insurance companies penalise people who have their bikes stolen…why should we pay for some lil bassa nicking our pride and joy!!! try it fella see what happens

thanks for suggestions tried the website (I got better price, but it still expensive), the best for third party is 1678.00, comprehensive is 10k (I lost my 3 years NCB, but it wasnt my fault)

maybe I should keep a crap scooter an insurance it for few years before I can afford something that I will enjoy riding


try tesco, they compair but they have alot of random companys that’ll cover u for alot less.

good luck :slight_smile:

I’ve just had a good lark looking around for insurance, CIA and MCE were the cheapest for me - although only when I called them up. CIA knocked off about £400 when on the phone.

That`s tuff mate not being abe to find cheaper insurance to ride.

try westhill insurasnce mate on 02083014466

i went to them they found me a good quote with 3 years NCB a tt99 code on my license and a claim going through £1670 on a 07 plate FZ6 and im only 25 Years of age

Wow that is mega money.

My insurance £160.00

who that with ? Im an old goat and its £500 fully comp for the 'bird n FZR with Swinton bikes, but that with only ! years no claims and mega mileage all years use :slight_smile:

Crikey, thats tough! Do you have a garage/whats the cost offset of building one?

very anrgy this morning, I went to sleep around 3am. at 7 someone called me and offered me a sort of bike insurance, they are crazy to call people home at 7 am on Sunday - he offered a discount price £4525.01 + 1000 Compulsory Excess

You are unfortunatly trying to insure a style of bike which thieves love, not your fault but that is the case. As already suggested, look at other styles of bikes. As already suggested look at a 600, there are not many opportunities to use the difference between a 600 and a 1000 in the UK. Look at other types of bikes as apposed to race reps i.e. trailies, supermoto, naked etc etc.

eBike works well for some people.

Give em a bell Steve I got a hell of a deal by the sounds of it. Having said that your bike is worth a bit more than mine me thinks.

I can’t beleive those prices either.

£128 on SV1000 fully comp

£198 on Busa fully comp

Motorcycle Direct 0844 800 0955

get an older bike then!

slingshot 1100 comes under classic insurance for starters.

why have you got to have a newish fastest bike anyway in london?

also if you claim for a stolen bike then you gonna lose your ncb anyway, unless you protect it.

If you must have a Gixer 1000 then you’ll have to pay big bucks!

Im 25, 2 years NCB and the bandit 650 costs me £260 full comp…

My renewal last year was £400+ but Tesco Compare did me a great deal!.. Worth shopping around and looking for something ‘less attractive’… If it allows you to geta cheaper quote ansd then build a year or two NCB it’s got to same you money in the long run!