Sad news

JR’s retired,10869,4857-163956-181173-30043-204423-news-item,00.html

This was my first thought of what would happen when I heard about Friday’s crash. Terrible news, but he’s getting on and had a damn good career, so I guess he’s comforting himself with that. It’s never pleasant saying goodbye to a great British racer! All we need now is some good replacements.

The story is now covered on the LB homepage.

surely not a surprise to anyone.

And Jay, I disagree, its not sad at all. Its great in fact. What’s sad is that we couldn’t watch Joey D, Hizzie, D J and countless others retire.

But I know what you mean,

I am quite disappointed to see JR leave as I’ve been following his career for quite some time now, and what a cracking career he had. Will be a shame not to see John on the track for BSB racing anymore but as Jay said, could be a chance for some new younger riders to come through. Hopefully another British rider to take the spotlight!

No doubt he was fed up of getting injured, as the broken leg at Valencia didn’t help this season! Though he was quick to get back on his feet and get up and race again I do feel he should have rested a bit more… and now breaking four ribs on his right side, puncturing his right lung and breaking his left collarbone in the accident is a pretty good reason to annouce your retirement. lol

Congrats to JR for a terrific career and a great 2004 season in which I loved watching!


Its a shame but he is 40 now (not that old I know), but, it does take longer to fix yourself when damaged. He did have a bad break of the leg this year which he has taken time to get over, now he has further injuries. I think a higher being has indicated tht its time for him to hang up the gloves at this level. Apparently he will be working for Suzuki with the BSB bike next season.

So as much as I like watching him race, I respect his decision to retire. He has a family and I am sure that they do not want to see him broken up.