Sad day... for the first time

Since 2011 (or is it 2010 :thinking:) I don’t have a bike or looking to buy one… maybe in 2020 but for now I think my wheels will be 4, whether car or pram.

Times have changed. So, given I left London a while back, and now with no bike, London bikers seems a strange notion now :thinking:

I dream of the day I leave London and have time and space for a garage full of bikes - and affordable insurance.

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No garage at the moment but it was under cover and yes insurance was low, espt given 3k miles a year…

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Sad times dude.

I’ve gone the other way :slight_smile: My only transport at the moment is 2 wheeled (Kwaka and pushbike)

Phew! I was worried there for a second BL

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You finally got the KTM sold!?!?
I just gotta get someone to buy my King now :slight_smile:

You selling that Bking is like me selling my Tuono

Yup, guy came and bought it yesterday… Was still a bit teary eyed as it was being loaded in the trailer.

If your thinking of returning to biking might be worth get an old 125 sorn it and just keep the insurance ticking over. Otherwise you’ll lose no claims bonus.

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You’ve got 2 years before you lose any no claims that have been acquired.

I wish it where, it varies from insurer. Some only allow 1 some 2. Wish there was a universal standard on some of these things.

Yeah I know… Plan is to be back next year so for now no point but maybe if next year plans change I will do that…

I’ve a handful of bikes in boxes if you want to insure one of them Alex?

Haha I’ll bear that in mind but I think I’m ok for now. No point to pay extra until I really need to…