Sachs Madass- Is this ped cooler than a bike?

Anyone know any thing about these? Good for 70 apparently and look ideal for traffic busting.



WTF is it ? and do they do them in check ?

You could recover the seat if you wished.It looks like the bastard offspring of a Multistrada and a BMX.

id rather walk, backwards or get my raleigh chopper out

Whaaa, I quite like that! Looks like a laugh!

Please tell me thats a reflector on the back of that and not a strip plate for “fukssake”

Its to scale though

that looks like a serious filtering machine!


actually these are not new - have a look at this

and you can put it in the boot of your car…

hey a bike that can fit in my purse

its not the same bike thou?

That link looks more like a fold away monkey bike?

They are a real cool little bike, its a shame they only come in a 50cc but great for city riding but I would not like to ride more than 5 miles on it

The strip at the back is a reflector. They are quite funky and rumour has it they are going to make a much bigger engined version. It looks like a motorized pushbike to me, as for doing 70 on it, I have balls but I don’t think they are that big!


Now I’m new to bikes but, is that considered a ‘naked’ bike?

Also, the riding position looks pretty stretched out. Wouldn’t that be uncomfortable to ride?


They do a 125cc version 'ccording to interweb, 125MPG puts my 22MPG on 950 to shame

Me and my spanners want one (bad bad thoughts) 250cc Moto-X motor how would that be for the traffic cool or what

I want one how can you not love that lil thing