S4-C1 Alarm Fitting ( Charlie )


I am looking to have some security fitted to my bike and have seen alot of references to Charlie however struggling to find contact details…

Anyone point me in the right direction?

send him a pm . but i think he doesnt do alarms any more

Thanks for the info. Shame if he does not as his reputation it awesome :wink:

Dont waste £300 odd quid on a alarm. Get a cheap 20quid cyclone one and spend the rest on a almax/protector chain or a tracker.

Have just followed your advice and ordered one of these…I got the newer V2 one with a speaking function that says “Get back ya bastard, or I’ll break ya legs!” in the voice of Peter Kay / Pheonix Nights! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: Can’t wait for it to arrive :stuck_out_tongue:

I got one of these, without the comedy voice though :smiley:
Has it’s faults but can’t go wrong for the price :slight_smile:

Good, its a doddle to fit. I didnt wire in the immobiliser, because Im worried it might leave me stranded somewhere and its quite pointless considering most bikes will be lifted into a van.

The bike already has non-working alarm in it…I guess I’ve gotta work out how to remove that first though… :unsure:

Do you know which alarm it has fitted?

It’s called a Meta 357T.

I’m relatively handy with wiring i.e. I can cut / joint / etc wires / add on connectors, bt I have no practical experience as far as bike / car wiring goes. Any thoughts? Thanks for your assistance. Phil

Conrad B,

Would you be able to PM with the faults? Would be very interested in hearing the low down…

You just might have cracked the solution there :wink: Thanks for the advice!

It always amazes me how some people are willing to spend oodles on a decent bike but don’t want to spend over a £100 on a decent alarm to protect it properly.


Nobody minds spending 100 quid on a alarm, if it actually protects the bike. Nobody cares when they hear a motorbike alarm going off anymore.

Agreed, that’s why I use Scorpio alarms. I used to use the i900 now I’ve upgraded to the rLink. When I had the i900 my bike was parked behind work in a quiet alley and the FM fob started beeping in my pocket, when I ran out the back there was a guy sitting on my bike, even though the alarm was going ballistic…apparently he was thinking of getting one and just wanted to see how it felt. :crazy:

I impolitely reminded him he can see if the shoe fits down at the local dealer. I think I would rather know if someone touches my bike so I can do something about it when nobody else will.


Cyclone advanced alarm does that. Id rather just fit a tracker than spend £300 on an alarm. I’d much rather my bike was nicked that I got stabbed/shot.

Trackers normally cost approx £275 anyway. I’ve got that plus the alarm for £350 :slight_smile:


Can you recommend a fitter for the tracker?

Hi ApriliaSX,
Sorry I think you misunderstood. The Scorpio rLink is an alarm with GPS tracking, which costs £350.00.

Normally if you had a top of the range Datatool alarm installed you’re looking at a minimum of £275, Doble’s website offers it for £357 and all it does is siren if the bike is touched and it needs professional installation.
Trackers generally cost about £275 in addition to your alarm system and also need to be professionally fitted. So if you go all out you’re looking at £550 plus installation costs.

The Scorpio rLink from State of Arms costs £350 and combines the remote tracking and possibly every alarm feature you could want, in terms of security I’m hopelessly impressed with the system and it comes with pre-made connectors so you can do a self-install if you want. I did mine in two hours. Even if you don’t want to install it yourself you’re probably only looking at 1 hour service charge for any motorcycle servicing company to install it for you as the connectors just clip into your existing wiring.