S1000RR Nürburgring Video

For you PJ — Bloody awesome :slight_smile: I’m feeling the temptation, I do miss the BONKERS power of a litre bike…


sounds like a motoGP bike!!!


Nice find Jay

Love the sound of the quickshifter and slipper clutch.

dont want to sound ignorant but what was all that writing over track did it mean anything or was it just graffiti ?

i was thinking all that gloss paint on a braking line in the wet must be fun!!!:crying:

pretty sure its meaningful, a memorial for drivers/riders who have crashed out and been injured or killed

Its an incredible experience to ride the Ring, this isnt the greatest of laps but to get even this good you have to know the place really well. Like 100 laps to learn the track. Its mad. In an addicitive sort of way :cool:

how long is that place!

nice vid…

Oh for summer days …

I think for most bikers its probably the most fun to be had on 2 wheels…excluding trackdays…

…I did a few laps in the wet as well…its the only time I’ve had major wheel spin exiting every corner on the 1098S.

Lucky for me I drove round with Baron from PB and the current lap record holder(Coventry geezer,cant remember his name) giving me tips which helped.

Laps in the wet on all that oil, coolant and sh1t. Brave man.

i’m green with envy Mr Johnston, that dude was setting a pretty decent pace.

that was a very fast lap

i think he made the ghostrider look slow


This one’s quicker. This rider Brendan has a guesthouse around there and gets round the 13 miles BTG in 7.35. I heard he doesnt go round anymore since smashing himself up there a couple of years back. Epic stuff, even with dodgy picture quality. (And the sun in his eyes and being held up a couple of times)

:crazy: nobody makes that legend look slow apart from the pro’s maybe. !!!

Yeah stayed with Brendan and his almost as fast missus a few years ago, they run/ran Sliders guesthouse as very popular with PB staffers. And he’s quick for sure but since he lives around the corner it’s to be expected. His eyes were giving him trouble last I heard, hope he’s on the mend now though.

I bet that video is of Richard Cooper who has been riding Co-Ordit Yams last few years and deputised for Ruben Xaus in WSB once last year on the S1000RR. He’s in the official BSB team for 2010 competing in Superstock on it.

So for lad who doesn’t ride around there everyday, nor ride the RR everyday, I think he does pretty well.

Oh, and some of the tarmac squiggles will be indicators laid down by officials after a crash for when it comes to billing the driver who did the damage. Seriously, you trash the place and they’ll bill you.

nice video Jay!

His eyes or his massive limp he had when I last met him, 14 months ago.

I liked his missus, everyone was out and herself and I just spoke for about 2 hours, down to earth bird:)

Shes about 30 seconds slower than him but still damn quick.:slight_smile:

Ghost rider was pulling wheelies and had lap traffichis name’s patrick furstenhoff :D>