S1000RR Heavy Throttle

This is really bugging me now; the throttle return spring is too aggressive, it takes too much effort to hold the throttle open. I’ve never used a throttle like this before. It’s tiring to ride for any length of time.

Does anyone know of any fixes? I’ll have a word with Park Lane about it, but for now I wanted to see if anyone else had problems with it and had done something about it?

there is a solution. Get some balls!


Can’t say i have ever noticed, all seems fine for me.

But yeah grow some :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it showing an error code for, “Your papers are not in order…”?

more wrist action excercise? :hehe:

Or just too limp wristed :w00t:


‘your hands… UP!’

Could just be a poorly adjusted cable.

Will probably have to take it in though as adjustment probably requires a laptop :smiley:

Yeah BMW obviously assume all their customers have very strong wrists, can’t think why :stuck_out_tongue:

Throttle cam mod £150




And it’s fking mental :wink:

Yeah, I recall you telling us how fecked up it’s head was… :hehe:

im still very disappointed in you jay… i didnt think you were so easily lead…

you should have gone for the servo assisted throttle in the BMW(read old man) options catalog… :stuck_out_tongue:

…if your a big girl!

you asked for it…

Why not try Cruise Control:D

Hi jay a lot of the Mv guys have the same question Mv has two return springs one either side of the throttle bodies our mod id to remove one of the springs I’ve not found it a prob so this could be a similar mod for the BM fella or gettothe gym fella