S1000r vs GTR

another Car Vs Bike by the guys at FastBikes

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I liked that…it’s pure sex…and if I liked sex…I’d be dead chuffed…but I definitely prefer that :smiley:


i enjoyed that good find :smiley:

PJ will be happy next time he feels the need to wave his todger at a sports car driver! :wink:

I can’t help thinking that if they’d made the effort to go to Brands for the day and film the shootout why they couldn’t have made the effort to write a script first, quite shocking presentational skills?!? :smiley:

Interesting to see the bikes lap times were significantly better though.

might be close with that tubby riding it - give it to B! 47secs round indy on a 600RR wasn’t it?

superbikes do it in 45!

It was a shame really they didn’t do it round the GP course. Wonder what happened there then :hehe:

+1 agreed :wink:

On what tyres?:hehe:

i`ve managed a 55second lap but i have no idea how to ride :smiley:

you cut corners then… :stuck_out_tongue:

A mate of mine did a 53 on a race 250 bike :smiley:

Brian did the 47s on racetecs I believe (without warmers). superbikes are admittedly a little different :wink: