Rykas to Loomies - 13/12/14 Saturday

The plan is to test our skills and gear on the way from Boxhill to Loomies.
Very twisty and technical roads if no ice - main roads only if freezing.

As many of you know Loomies was closed and reopened the same moment by new owners.
I was checking their Facebook page and they made some changes. The plan is to go there and see what was done.

We will try different food, photograph that and share the experience here. Short route with more social time.
We will try to talk to new owners and ask them some question - mini interview.
Lots of pictures.

The ride will be promoted in few other places to get more people :slight_smile:Start: Boxhill

Time: 9:30 Saturday
Destination: Loomies Cafe.
125cc friendly.

Total Distance - Approximately 55 miles. Mostly B roads with some A and back roads. One way only. More social time at Loomies.Lunch Venue - Loomies of course :slight_smile:

Please arrive with a full tank of petrol and in time for the pre- ride brief at 9:20am for a departure at 9.30am.
I will be there from 9:00am for a coffee and bun. Fuel stop will be scheduled at about 30 miles from the start, however, please tank up before you arrive.

Please note: There are some back roads with potentially bad surface. Possibly no tarmac.

The ride is 125cc friendly now. No reason to keep it for big bikes only - plus my friend want to come on a 125cc.

While I’am there I may buy a tree as well :slight_smile:

photo uploading