Rykas Box Hill- Devils Dyke - Newhaven Fort, Sunday 28th July

A friend of mine is organising a ride. I’m helping him to promote it :slight_smile:

A friendly run to Devils Dyke and then to Newhaven for sight seeing, photographs and relaxation. A & B roads mostly. 125cc friendly.

Start: Rykas Boxhill. 09:30, 28/07 Sunday, M/C overflow parking.

Info was put on few other places.


Reckon I’m in, unless I pull / am drunk / hungover / both of the afore / in hospital and so on…you get the picture! :wink:


Vara 125cc. But I can keep up, so I’m told by peeps on here :smiley:

Gutted, got a lunch for my mates birthday. Simon, there’s a chap posting for 125 ride outs, keen to get in on that?

Yeah Tim, just posted on that thread.

I’m up for most rides, but I have to say, I’m getting sick of having to wring the nuts out of my Vara to keep up. It would be nice to do some safe over-taking too hahahaha

Think I might stick with the 125 rides until I get my beasty…