Rye Quay

Going for a blat round Kents finest roads, ending up at Rye Quay.Anyone fancy joining us?:slight_smile: Be leaving Oakdene @ 10.30:)Will be in the layby opposite the cafe, you wont miss us;) will leave dead on 10.30, should be back around 2:)

Fancied a ride out today but was delivering a car to my dads - maybe next time :cool:

Would have loved to come on this ride - bet Rye was lovely in the sunshine:) Chris not back until tomorrow, otherwise we’d have been with you:)

Was fantastic at Rye nice and sunny and a few nice custom bikes to look at.

One problem though, Jury’s Gap Road, for those who know the area it’s the nice twisty from Lydd to Camber:w00t: the road surface taken a bit off a beating from the snow and ice and there are a couple of nasty potholes right where you don’t need them:w00t: Hopefully they will get sorted soon.